Why plan be?

Why plan be? 

Outsourcing pre-production to a production team 

Nowadays, expectations of events are high. The client is expecting something special, something unique. This means that agencies now need a competent, experienced partner who literally puts their show onstage, presents things in the right light and hits the right note. This involves controlling complex media technology and integrating it into the process in a meaningful way. It also involves the design of stage sets, making decorations, preparing load calculations and checking sight lines. And finally, the performers have to be brought onstage at just the right moment.

There is a need to comply with legal requirements and a realistic works schedule is essential in order to meet deadlines. This calls for an experienced team that knows how to assess the technical context independently of the service providers. Anyone organising an event using high-level technology needs the services of an established and experienced team of specialists, a production company like atelier plan be.

Handing over the implementation of your event to specialists like plan be allows you to focus on what is most important: your clients, thus ensuring that your event will be a success.

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