Götz Berge

götz bergeProfessional qualifications:

  • Qualified social science teacher (summa cum laude, 1987, Technical University of Berlin)
  • Qualified event technology expert, Lighting (2001, Hanover Chamber of Commerce)
  • Qualified event technology expert, Studio/stage (2001, Hanover Chamber of Commerce)
  • Electrician (2002 , DEA)
  • Level 1 Traverse and rigger certificate (2009/2012 APEX)
  • Laser Safety Officer, in accordance with BGV B2 (1993)
  • Pyrotechnician, in accordance with 1st SprengG. (pyrotechnics licence) (1992, Dresden, Qualification & authorisation)
  • Fire protection assistant (since 2011)
  • IPAF 3A/3B (Lifting platforms) and forklift truck licence
  • Vectorworks CAD Version 5 to VW 2013
  • Freelance lecturer since 1997
  • Member of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce Board of Examiners, FB VT since 1998

Lecturing/ expert speaker activities:

My first-hand, extensive experience of a number of trades has allowed me to accumulate a great deal of expertise and experience in the course of my work. This relates not only to technical aspects of the events industry but also to issues such as spatial planning for events, temporary structures and construction methods and large-scale event operations and coordination. The following is a summary of my lecturing activities and topics:

Lecturer References:

  • VPLT Association (Professional Lighting and Sound Association of Germany,   since 1997)
  • DTHG eV (German Theatre Engineering Society).
  • Deutsche Event Akademie Hannover, master craftsman training (since 2003)
  • FTVT Berlin eV (since 2008)
  • STB (German Congress Industry Trade Fair) 2009 & 2010
  • h_da Hochschule Darmstadt (pilot project 2011)
  • German Convention Bureau (2010 Imex Fair)
  • FHH, Fachhochschule Hannover (since 2011)
  • Messe Frankfurt (2011 via DEA)
  • Various other sponsors & associations
  • Member of the examination board of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce VT (since 1998)

Topics include:

  • Laser safety & laser safety training in accordance with BGV B2 and OStrVO
  • Traverse, rigging & limit stops
  • Lighting design
  • Event technology
  • Safety concepts
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Planning permission procedures, venue regulations
  • Event planning, scheduling and coordination
  • Technical organisation
  • Large-scale events and potential risks
CGI/Rendering/CADDesignTechnical/Stage Directing